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About Makitalo Construction

With Makitalo Construction, you get a personal touch and quality of service that's not always easy to find. We're your neighbours, and we know we'll see you many times around town once the job is done; so we make sure the task is done right. Our business is a family business, started by Juha Makitalo in 1999, after he built a great reputation in North Bay and the surrounding area for all types of construction: residential, commercial, new builds, renovations, and jobs of various sizes.

The company continues to build on the same commitment to quality work, fair pricing, integrity and good customer service. There's a simple reason that the majority of our projects are the result of direct referrals or word-of-mouth advertising. We do the job for you the way we'd do it for our family, and we stand behind our work. As a smaller, family owned business, every job is important to us, and we get to know our customers. We don't juggle dozens of projects at once: with us you build a relationship, not just structures of wood, concrete and metal.

Moving forward our goal is to continue to provide excellent service to our community, with an emphasis on continual improvement by staying on top of the changing trends, products and technologies available in renovation and construction. We're starting to see "multi-generational" repeat business, where the next generation of a family returns to Makitalo for work they can trust. That means a lot to us; and it's an honour we plan to keep earning over and over.

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